CP500 Technical instructions \Istruzioni tecniche

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CP500 Technical instructions \Istruzioni tecniche

Messaggio da aviffa1@bezeqint.net » ven mar 27, 2020 10:52 am

The CP500 has worked well with all the recently received on-screen photo help functions and whatever was gone
Dolby Digital works well but analogue mono, Dolby A Dolby SR does not work
NON-SYNC works
All I'm trying to fix is I replaced card 661, 683
I don't get a ton
Connecting to a regular amplifier is fine this way for proper solar
Maybe something can guide me on how to arrange bondage. Mono, Dolby A / SR
Everything I try doesn't work out
If anything can guide me how to arrange
Thanks Frederick

Il CP500 ha funzionato bene con tutte le funzioni di aiuto per le foto sullo schermo ricevute di recente e qualsiasi cosa fosse sparita
Dolby Digital funziona bene ma analogico mono, Dolby A Dolby SR non funziona
NON-SYNC funziona
Tutto quello che sto cercando di risolvere è che ho sostituito la scheda 661, 683
Non ne ho una tonnellata
Il collegamento a un amplificatore normale va bene in questo modo per un corretto solare
Forse qualcosa mi può guidare su come organizzare la schiavitù. Mono, Dolby A / SR
Tutto ciò che provo non funziona
Se qualcosa mi può guidare come organizzare
Grazie Federico
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Re: CP500 Technical instructions \Istruzioni tecniche

Messaggio da Antonio Marcheselli » ven mar 27, 2020 12:10 pm

Hi Frederick,

I am asking again NOT to post your email address and to let me have a new username to replace your current one. This is a free forum but someone is paying for it and managing it so that you get a free place where to talk about cinema equipment. I feel my request is simple and fair but you choose not to listen to it and in fact I have to invest more time and energy to chase you on this.

I want to help but if you are not interested in helping me you leave me no choice but to exclude you from the forums.
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